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Emerging Nanoscale Integrated Circuit

Technologies for Advanced Computing Systems

 Resistive memory

 Spin-transfer and spin-orbit torque memory

 Negative capacitance field-effect transistors / ferroelectric field-effect transistors

 Multiple gate MOSFETs / FinFETs / Gate-All-Around MOSFETs

 Carbon nanotube and graphene based devices and interconnect

 III-V semiconductors

 Novel monolithic 3D integrated circuits

Energy-Efficient Computing / Power-Aware SoC Design

 Ultra-low power/ultra-low voltage microprocessors and ASICs

 Self-sustaining/ultra-low power computing/information processing systems

 Multiple supply and threshold voltage CMOS circuits

 Globally asynchronous locally synchronous microprocessors

 Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling in computing systems

High Efficiency and High Quality Power Generation and Delivery in Complex Integrated Systems

 Power distribution networks for heterogenous 3D integrated circuits

 Power supply noise analysis and cancellation methods

 Monolithic power supplies

Reliable Computing / Design for Manufacturability

 Radiation hardening / deep-space computing

 Reliability and yield issues in gigascale integrated circuits

 Parameter variations tolerant IC design

 Statistical power analysis and optimization techniques

 Nanoscale interconnect noise suppression techniques

 Embedded-memory noise immunity enhancement techniques











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